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DESS en musique de film


How to participate

Registration and Composition

  1. Register here on our website to have access to the films. Retain your username and password.
  2. Download the film(s) for which you wish to compose music.
  3. Compose!

Submission of your entry before February 25 2022, 11:59 PM (Montreal time).

  1. Create a YouTube account
  2. Upload your chosen film, with your music synchronized, to your account.
    1. Important note: whatever film you are submitting music for, you must still produce a MIDI or live version of your score and sync it with the visual for YouTube. This is how the jury will select the finalists.  
  3. When you have finished your composition and before the submission deadline, sign back into your account on this site.
  4. Fill in the online form 
    1. NOTE: if you are submitting music for more than one film, you must fill out the form for each film.
  5. Remember to include the YouTube link to your film  and your biography.
  6. Don't forget to submit your sheet music for Les Voisins (if you have submitted music for this film)
  7. Keep an eye on our site and your email to be informed of the results of the competition!


Information about the diffusion of your music

  1. By participating in this competition, you grant us permission to diffuse your music on our website or elsewhere, for promotional purposes. You consent to having your music heard on our and our partners platforms.
  2. You grant us permission to publish your photo and biography, if you are selected amongst the finalists.
  3. You authorize the Director of the film in question to use your music with his or her film for non-commercial purposes, in return for your name appearing in the credits.
  4. You retain full copyright of your music.
  5. You allow us to give your contact information, if you are amongst the nominees, to our partners and sponsors so they can give out the awards.



  • Must I upload a MIDI file or recorded MIDI sequence in MP3 for my chosen film?
    • No as you are already giving us a link to a YouTube video where your music (whether it be a MIDI sequence rendering or live recording) is synced with the film. If you are chosen as a finalist, we will contact you in order to get the full quality file to sync it with the full quality video, for the projection. Previous instructions on this site asked for an MP3, but this is no longer necessary.
  • Can I use preexisting music, or themes from other composers?
    • Absolutely not! Only fully original music will be accepted.

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